European Migration Network National Contact Point Cyprus

The European Migration Network consists of the European Commission and the National Contact Points of each Member State.

It is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of a representative of each Member State and a representative of the commission. The Steering Committee is assisted by two scientific advisers who are not official members, and one representative from the European Parliament may serve as an Observer.

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are:

1. contributes to the elaboration and approval of the EMN annual program of activities, including an indicative amount for the minimum and maximum budget for each national contact point, which ensures that the basic costs arising from the operation of the network itself are covered;

2. review the progress made by the EMN, making recommendations for action where necessary;

3. submits, at least once a year, a summary report on the state of the EMN's current activities and on the most important findings of its studies to the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions;

4 . identifies the most appropriate strategic cooperation relationships with other relevant entities in the field of migration and asylum and approves, where necessary, the administrative arrangements for such cooperation;

5. advises the national contact points on how to improve their actions and helps them to respond accordingly when persistent weaknesses are identified in the work of their national contact points, which may have a negative effect on the work of the EMN.