European Migration Network National Contact Point Cyprus

According to the decision 70,543 dated 09.06.2010 of the Council of Ministers, the National Contact Point consists of the Civil Registry and Migration Department, the Asylum Service and the Aliens and Immigration Office. The Ministry of Interior has the coordinating role.

According to its responsibilities, the Cyprus National Contact Point:

1. prepares and transmits the national reports, whether they are "focused studies" or the "Annual Policy Report" of the Network.

2. It shall contribute by providing national information to the information exchange system as per Article 8 of Decision 2008/381 / EC.

3. Develops the ability of requesting specific questions ("ad hoc queries") and responds within timeframes to similar requests from other national contact points of the Network

4. May establish a national migration network (Internal Network/ National Network), which consists of a wide range of stakeholders, organizations and individuals active in the field of migration and asylum. Members of the national migration network may be invited to contribute to the activities of the EMN, in particular as regards Articles 8 and 9 of Decision 2008/381 / EC.