European Migration Network National Contact Point Cyprus

All informs conducted by the EMN, provide important key findings and messages to policymakers, on a specific topic raised, based on the results of information collected and analysed by the EMN, for example from Studies or Ad-Hoc Queries.

1EMN Inform 2024- Access to autonomous housing in the context of international protection
1EMN - OECD Inform 2024- Labour market integration Ukraine
1EMN Inform 2024- Family reunification for beneficiaries of international protection
1EMN Inform 2024- Digitalisation of identity documents and residence permits issued to third-country nationals
12023 EMN Inform - Integration of applicants for international protection in the labour market
12023 EMN_INFORM_Resettlement, Humanitarian Admission and Sponshorship Schemes
12023 EMN Inform: Displacement and migration related to disasters, climate change and environmental degradation
12023.pdf2023 EMN Inform: Statelessness in the European Union, Norway and Georgia
12023 EMN Inform on Accompanied children’s right to be heard in international protection procedures
12022 EMN Inform: Incentives and motives for voluntary departure
12022 EMN Inform: Application of the Temporary Protection Directive (Scope and Registration)
12022 EMN Inform: Incentives and motives for voluntary departure
12022 EMN Inform: Transition of unaccompanied minors to adulthood
12022 EMN Inform: Access to services for beneficiaries of temporary protection
12022 EMN Inform: Arrangements for accommodation and housing for beneficiaries of temporary protection
12022 EMN Inform: Bilateral Readmission Agreements
12022 EMN Inform Secondary movements of beneficiaries of international protection
12022 EMN Inform Integration of migrant women in the EU: Policies and measures
12022 EMN Inform Mapping of mental health policies for third-country national migrants
12022 EMN Inform Detention and alternatives to detention in international protection and return procedures
12022 EMN Flash Detention and alternatives to detention
12022.pdf2022 EMN Inform Attracting and retaining International Researchers
12022 EMN Inform Third- country national victims of trafficking in human beings: detection, identification and protection
1EN_.pdf2022 EMN Inform on preventing, detecting and tackling situations where authorisations to reside in the EU for the purpose of Study are misused for other purposes
12022 EMN- OECD Inform The Use of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Migration Management
12022 EMN Inform on the state of progress in 2020 of the European Commission communication on the protection of children in migration from 2017
12021 Short Overview of Report on Migration and Asylum
12021 EMN Inform: Responses to long-term irregularly staying migrants: practices and challenges in the EU and Norway
12021 EMN Inform: Exploring Legal Pathways to Fulfil Labour Needs
12021 EMN Inform- Separated and Missing Migrants: Member States' Approaches to Prevent Family Separation and Search Mechanisms for Missing Migrants
12021 EMN Inform: Accurate, Timely, Interoperable? Data Management in the Asylum Procedure
12021 Annual report on Migration and Asylum 2020 EMN Inform
12021 EMN Inform: Measuring Progress to Address Statelessness in the EU and Georgia
12021 Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on voluntary and forced return procedures and policy responses- Series of EMN-OECD Informs on the impact of Covid-19 in the migration area
12021 EMN Inform: Separated and missing migrants: Member States approaches to prevent family separation and search mechanisms for missing migrants
12021 EMN Inform: Exploring legal pathways to fulfil labour needs