What is e-Civil
e-Civil is the electronic system of the Civil Registry. By registering you will be able to submit specific applications regarding the Civil Registry via the internet from wherever you are, in Cyprus or abroad.

eCivil offers the following electronic services

  • Validate/Change of Personal Data.
  • Change of Postal Address.
  • Issue Permanent Residency Certificate.
  • Re-issue Birth Certificate or Consular Birth Certificate.
  • Renew Elector Booklet Due To Loss.
When submitting the application online, you will have to pay the relevant fees using a bank card.

Registration to e-Civil
Access to e-Civil is done through the CY Login (the service of the Republic of Cyprus for the management and identification of users). With the same registration you can also use the other services of the CY Login. If you have already registered in CY Login, no new registration is required to use e-Civil.

How to receive documents
When submitting the application, you can also choose the way in which you want to receive your document:
  • By post, locally or abroad at no extra charge.
  • In person from the office of your choice.