Acquisition of Cypriot citizenship by foreign nationals through naturalization is determined by the Civil Registry Law.

Right to apply
This application can be submitted by foreign adults of full mental capacity. The applicants should reside legally in Cyprus for 7 or 5 years, depending on their residence status prior to the submission of the application.
The applicant should reside legally and continuously the year prior to the submission of the application.

Cases for which 7 years of residence in the Republic are required: foreigners who hold a residence permit as students, visitors, self-employed, athletes, coaches, sports technicians, domestic helpers, nurses, employees of Cypriot or foreign employers or offshore companies and who reside in the Republic solely for the purpose of work, as well as their spouses, adult children or other dependents should accumulate a total stay in the Republic of at least 7 years within the previous at least 7 years. (in the period of 7 years, the last 12 months before the submission of the application are included)

Cases for which 5 years of residence in the Republic are required: foreigners who hold any other status (apart from those mentioned above), should accumulate a total residence in the Republic of 5 years within the immediately preceding 7 years from the 12-month period that precedes the application.

Submission of application

Fees and stamps
  • For the submission of the application a fee of €500 should be paid.
  • Two stamps of €8.54 should be affixed to the application.
  • In case of approval an additional fee of of €500 should be paid for the naturalization certificate.
Examination of the application and subsequent actions
  • To avoid unnecessary delay of the examination of your application, all applications should be fully and correctly completed and accompanied by all the necessary documents, which should be officially translated and duly certified/authenticated.
  • After acquiring the Cypriot citizenship an application for identity card and passport can be submitted.
  • In case of rejection of the application, the applicant will receive a letter stating the reasons of rejection.