• Any person over 18 is eligible to apply for a gender change and a name change which requires the payment of a fee of 80 euros.
  • The correction of the registered gender shall be made after the applicant’s written request in the form of a letter / resume and an Affidavit to the Registrar of the Court. Applicants may optionally attach any medical certificate, such as for example hormone therapy, in the event that they consider it as a supporting document for the examination of the application.
  • The application shall be submitted to the District Administration of the applicant’s residence. If the applicant was born abroad and already holds a Consular Birth Certificate, the application should be submitted to the Director of the Civil Registry and Migration Department.
  • Correction of the registered gender cannot be done more than twice.
  • The application examination process is completed within thirty days, as it concerns sensitive personal data and affects the right to privacy.
  • Upon completion of the application’s examination, the interested person is notified of the result.
Actions after gender and name change approval
  • Following the competent’s Authority approval for the name and gender change, the current official documents of the Republic shall be canceled and the person concerned should immediately file a request for the issuance of new documents, displaying the corrected information. Click on the special link of our website for all relevant procedures and application forms.
  • Requests for new official documents must be submitted only after the request has been approved and NOT at the same time of the request of name and gender change.
  • When applying for new documents, persons should definitely present the old documents for cancellation.
  • The relevant requests are handled in the context of the protection of personal data.