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Republic of Cyprus
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The Council of Ministers, with its Decision on 15.10.2021, approved the new Strategy for Attracting Businesses for Activities or/and Expansion of their Activities in Cyprus. It has been put into force on 2.1.2022. Information on the new Strategy can be found on the relevant webpage of the Ministry of Finance (in English only).


The public is informed that on Monday, July 18th 2022 revised fees for application submission for entry and residence permits for employment at companies of foreign interests are expected to be put into force. The new fees will be lower than the current and will not depend on the applied permit duration. The new fees:
Application TypeFee
Issue of an Entry Permit, Registration and Issue of a Temporary Residence Permit.140
Issue of an Entry Permit and a Temporary Residence Permit.
(ARC exists)
Issue of a Temporary Residence Permit and Registration.150
Renewal of a Temporary Residence Permit.
(ARC exists)
Issue of a Temporary Residence Permit.
(ARC exists) (change of status)
Renewal of a Temporary Residence Permit due to change of employer
(ARC exists).

Additionally, starting from the same date, applicants will be able to apply for a residence permit with a validity of up to three years.

If you are aware of the current policy for companies of foreign interests, you can follow the steps below for the preparation of the application and documents to be attached to it. If you are interested in further information on the policy in place, please read first the paragraphs following the steps below.

Step 1:
Follow the link below and study the content of the page.

Step 2:
Follow the link below that corresponds to the category of staff you are interested in.

Step 3:
Download the documents on your computer.

Step 4:
Print the documents you downloaded. From the list of accompanying documents, choose the one that meets your needs, depending on which permit/ permits you will apply for.

Step 5:
After studying the list of accompanying documents for both the company's suitability and for obtaining a permit, collect the documents you need to submit.

(Attention to the documents that need to be submitted in their original form and duly validated/ certified. You can learn more in the validation of documents, here).

Attention, also, to the documents required to be collected by other Departments/ Services and documentation that may be required from abroad, since requisition in such cases may take time!

Step 6:
Fill in and sign any other forms that may have to accompany the application.

Step 7:
Fill in all the fields of the application form and sign it. Beware of the parts requiring signatures from third parties.

Step 8:
Submit the application and the documents to the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

It is emphasised that at the time of the application submission, the photograph, fingerprints and signature of third country national will be captured by authorised personnel. For convenience purposes, the capturing of the above may take place up to one (1) week after the submission of the application, at the District Units of the Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police, at the District of residence (for all Districts except Nicosia) by presenting the application submission receipt and a valid travel document. The application is not considered complete and cannot be processed further if these data is not captured.

  • For information on the general application process for registration and obtaining a residence permit click here

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